Double Zero

IMPORTANT! This book is only available in Spanish

It’s been a month since Kyle went up against the best detective in L.A. Everything seems to have returned to normal until a mysterious thief in a gold mask bursts onto the scene, posing as Zero to make off with valuable Blake family jewels. With the clock ticking and the lives of he and friends at stake, Kyle has only 48 hours to defeat this unknown imposter, a dangerous rival who seems to know everything about him, including his past…

The long-awaited sequel to the hottest new young adult novel of the moment.

«Dark does a wonderful job of keeping readers guessing with clue after clue until the mystery is revealed».
«This book has such an interesting concept, unique from other YA suspense books».
«This book totally blew my mind, and I did not expect that ending at all».
–English Blonde
«Zero is a really riveting read with a well written and intriguing mystery».
–The Blacksheep Project
«Me ha fascinado, me ha enamorado e incluso tanto que amo a Zero en lo más profundo de mi ser».
–Lectora de 1994
«Morgan Dark is such a talented author, and I cannot wait to read more of her work in the future».


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About Morgan Dark

Morgan Dark is one of the most original teenage literature writers. Always enveloped in suspense, as of yet no one knows her true identity. She began writing Zero after a hooded man robbed her in her New York apartment. [More]